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1964 Mercury Towing Specifications brochure

Since I also have a vintage Shasta camper project (yes, I do like projects!), I’ve been collecting information relating to towing with an old Ford or Mercury.

So I was thrilled when I came across this brochure on the subject.   In those days people towed with their cars, and even the mid-sized and “compact” cars of the times often were used for towing smaller loads.


Brochure: Accessories for Mercury 1964

I recently picked up this cool brochure highlighting all of the Mercury accessories that dealerships offered.

I’d love to find a set of these Mercury floor mats.

Hey you kids, put your seatbelts on!  I did this all the time as a kid, almost never wore a seatbelt until I was 20.  Dumb, very dumb.

Notice the lady wearing white gloves?  I remember that era.  Things really changed from the early 1960s to the late 1960s.

I need to watch for some of these accessories, especially the tissue dispenser and the lighter/map light.  I recently found an unused, new in the box generic compass very similar to the one shown below.  It’s being saved for the day when I have this car done and back on the road.

I wonder if they ever sold any of these accessories?  The convertible tonneau cover is a bad idea, it just invites water puddling up and leaking into the interior!

The tachometer below looks very cool, I’d love to find one of those.  Believe it or not, I just recently purchased a set of emergency reflectors just like these for $2 at Hershey.  I posted about them at my other blog, here.

Overall, I think Mercury offered some nice accessories back in the day.  Which is your favorite?

Owners Manual

This isn’t the original owner’s manual for my car, that was missing when I got the Park Lane.  I picked up this one a couple years ago.  Below are some page scans.